Feb 26, 2009

I'm a believer

You all know I don't like It-girls, but can you really blame Erin for being so innovative, but non-chalant & cool at the same time? This picture and video totally sums it up.

I'm a new believer.


  1. i don't like erin at all for some reason.

  2. I'm pretty obsessed because it seems like she just doesn't give a crap. And I love that. xo

  3. i love her! so true! raw beauty goddess :)
    xxx love LM

  4. this video is awesome..
    my eyeballs wanted to smash it && i felt like i was about to have a fit lol but i love how it was made.

    && i love that erin doesn't give a f*ck.
    i've never even heard her speak before this.
    definitely shows theres a lot more then we see..

    awesome postage lovely.

    liv .xo