Mar 18, 2009

Le cult of Carine

My leader, Carine Roitfeld, was interviewed by CNN, and they posted 3 videos of them running after her during Haute Couture S/S 09 week. CNN also snoops around her Vogue Paris office, while Carine speaks to the reporters in her French-enlaced English. There's also a special part in the first video, where Carine talks about Lara Stone and how much she is inspired by her.

All of the videos are in this link: CNN link

Photo credit: Jak & Jil


  1. even MORE reason to love cnn .
    me + cnn = ♥

  2. Roitfeld for 2012'- can you imagine just how exquisite the streets would be if she was in charge?

  3. oh carine, mon amoure. she seems to be very humanly and i like her extreme accent.
    i have seen all the 3 videos more than just one time.

  4. Yes she is such a heroine.
    Great that you love the music I post :)