Apr 21, 2009

Hate having regrets all the time

It was the weekend of the ubiquitous Coachella festival, chock full of people, bands, music, style and craziness. I really regret not going, especially since the weather in LA is spectacular compared to here. It would be fun to dress like a hippy, circa 60s Woodstock, or รก la Ed Banger style, or Erin Wasson-copycat.

Photo credit: COACD + Urban Outfitters


  1. Love these hippie chic pics!


  2. oh these pics make me so happy and I want to go to a concert now :D

  3. i love the first pic the lace dress with the boots is so ill. coachella is awesome and i deff wish i was able to experience the awesomeness.

  4. i love the first girl's outfit .
    & i am so jealous of all who went to coachella ♥
    wish i could have been there :'(

  5. ohh i wish i was there too. festivals always bring out the streetstyle gems.

  6. ooh i wish i could have gone! it sounds like you actually had the opportunity. here i am in PA. No chance. A ton of people from my grade wanted to go to bonaroo but sadly it overlaps with our graduation. oh well...

    and i've tagged you dear!

  7. wow, your blog is superinteresting.

  8. OH MY GOSH hemaly!!
    i would totally be up for that!!
    wouldnt that be the best summer goal?
    i soo wish i was back in hs wen i didnt have a huge care inthe world-then we could start it and still have time for schoool and fun..ahh the days before college ;d were dandy

    btw thats Coco sumner!! she totally looks like a boy like legit haha-if thats wat shes going for then its awesome lol

  9. I love the looks that you picked! I wish I was there!

  10. i love the outfit of the first and the third picture !
    I love the festival like this, it's like Woodstock.

  11. Coachella seems really fun! I like what you are wearing!

  12. MSTRKRFT, what do you do to meeeee?
    Lovin' the pics, as always.

  13. I wish that I'd gone!! I heard that The Kills were there!! Did you get to see them??? THey're my favorite band!

    Love that denim romper, too...yum.

    xox, mavi

  14. wow. i such adore that first look. i mean that kool way to wear white lace and the boots. omfg.
    i want boots like that. haha.
    btw thank you a lot for this:
    'You're the only one I know who can pull this off, dear.'