Apr 26, 2009

Tonight we're dancing like there's no tomorrow

A freshly scanned American Apparel ad that goes back to French indie roots. Seems like everyone is in a Gallic-Libertines mood. NYLON seems to be in that same mood because they launched their own record label for the Plastiscines' new single, 'Barcelona', which is so fun & flirty for the summer (it's like 90ºF in NYC).

Photo credit: Scan by me, video by NYLON magazine
+ a new banner


  1. I gave away the only two Nylon issues I brought with me at the Platform offices, a bit harsh really, but they kept Faris entertained, ha!
    and that girl with the the striped tee and momjeans just stole my heart :)

  2. i just got the nylon magazine and now that ad is on my wall

  3. Love the AA ad, it's wonderful. x