Jun 24, 2009

Qui est cette fille?

Latin America has been surging into the style world with lots of new labels and magazines (read Ayo America!'s post on Regia Magazine), and Complot from Argentina is another example. The label is filled with funky pieces and throwback styles; something that every girl has been yearning. Complot is also holding a contest where fans post pictures of them wearing their clothes for a chance to be in their 2009 lookbook. Doesn't 'inspiraciĆ³n' ring a bell?

Photo credit: Complot, collage by me


  1. awesomeness! sounds fabulous! :)

    actually latin america - brazil, argentina, colombia - booming fashion centers & constantly emerging new, fab fashion designers.

    i've heard of regia mag before. i met a photographer for the mag on facebook. he's super young. i think i saw his blog first or something. can't remember now. but the photographs are amazing! i've never gotten a hold of a copy of regia mag though (unfortunately).

    but complot - this is the first time i'm hearing of them. how did you find out about them? their site is uber frenchie. i love the music - any idea what its called & who sings it? ;)

    the fashions show that our world is interconnected due to globalization. :) i think its amazing how people across the world are dressing very similar in similar styles, etc.
    i know its not something new but i just think about things like that.

    great post!
    p.s. how did you do the collage?

  2. Such fun outfits! Love this collage and your new profile pic too!


  3. These are so cool. I particularly like that sweater in the bottom right corner.

  4. Complot..mmmh, love the name, is this another slef-made collage? cause it's working hard right now. The folks at Regia seem to blow a lot of people's minds, won't be surprised if they blow up pretty soon.

  5. Wow, love this a lot. Love your style. Great collage!! :)

    xox, Mavi