Aug 26, 2009

Flyin' skateboard, ripped jeans to shorts

Countless hours of surfing the internet is worth it when you find a hidden gem amongst thousands of fashion sites, and one gem is Pixie Market's online shop. Pixie Market is a NYC shop in the Lower East Side, and has an online shop filled with some great clothes and accessories. Plus, they spend lots of time on styling, and it all pays off with these shots. All of the pieces they sell are great, but look at that zipper-crop top! Does everyone love this, or am I all by myself on this one?

Photo credit: Pixie Market


  1. Pixie market is to die for. I cannot afford a single damn thing but i visit their website constantly as if perhaps one day...

  2. mmm, like those clothes, but that second pic is a little like gaga, & I'm not a big fan of her!:(
    But I love those last boots!

  3. i've seen pixie market before online. but i see so many fashion sites that sometimes my brain doesn't remember them all and/or i forget about it. but yes, love them! x.

  4. I absolutely loooovvee Pixie Market's styling and products. Too bad I can't spend that much money on one piece without breaking my piggy bank.

    And is yr title in reference to Wavves' "So Bored" or am I crazy? I remember you mentioning "Summer Goth" in a past post so I suppose it's not a completely invalid guess, right??

    Haha, anyways, Wavves rules either way.