Aug 18, 2009

I soon forgot myself and I forgot about the brake

A wave of old t-shirts, early 90's throwbacks, and tattoos in NYC. Can't forget about the black boombox either.

Photo credit: Last Night's Party


  1. UMMMM... I want to carry around an old skool boom box on my shoulder. NYC kicks ass. Don't make me jealous.

  2. i love the first shirt, its so cool.
    Check my blog out
    Link me?

  3. Love the first photo ramones shirt, really awesome!:)

  4. great pics. love that turq tat!
    check this blog, not mine but u might like it:
    love ur blog, btw.

  5. i remember wanting to get ysl tattooed on me before. but then i thought "that would be lame." i don't need a tat to show my allegiance to monsieur yves saint laurent!

    and i kind of think the coco chanel tat is tacky! :/ hate me if u will but yes, i said it. lol. but the rest of her outfit is "i'm loving it"!

    that's a way cool antics statue of liberty tee! any idea where i can get one? ;)

    hot post! hot pizza *drool! god, i want a big slice of delicious pizza!!

    u have a great eye for pics! :)
    also, thanks for you help/suggestions/advice! much appreciated and much loved.

    btw, check out my new blog post on the london-based t-shirt line, doodski! :)
    def worth the read! i'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as i do and i got inspired to do research on the line after i saw a small snippet on the tees in the aug 2009 issue of vogue paris.

    also about the valentino documentary, i always wonder if ysl would be in the film if he was still around in this lifetime. hm.

    oh yeah, so idk if i told u this but i'm hoping/planning to be in nyc next summer - for work/internship. it's all iffy but that's my plan for now. i just got a new job (hopefully i'll stick to it and it won't be shitty), going to try to save up $ for the trip, etc. i'll keep you posted.

    what's up with you? x.

  6. p.s. ed hardy is not fashion! :/ ick much?
    i remember i once had to work/talk to this (oh-so-commercial) male model and he thought ed hardy was the shit, i was trying to not vomit after he said that.

    the doodski tees are expensive though, but i'm so in love with them! hopefully as he gains more momentum in the american market, he'll lower prices? maybe. i'm hoping. *fingers crossed.

  7. Awesome pics. I love the first girl's Ramones tank. And the boombox is terrific. I wouldn't mind a slice of that pizza either...

  8. Such fun pics, darling! That slice looks delish!


  9. such awesome photos .
    i need a night like that soon .

  10. pretty cool.
    i especially like that plaid shirt in the picknick look....

  11. fuck that slice and underground tile make me miss it soso much