Aug 15, 2009

Summer goth

This is the embodiment of summer of '09: floral dress, tough leather boots with chains, silver rings, cutoff denim shorts, and a raggedy t-shirt. And this lo-fi tune is a definite summer jam: Wavves's "Summer Goth".

Wavves - 'Summer Goth'

Photo credit: Stylesightings


  1. I love the outfit the girl is wearing on the second shot!
    Soo...awesome, I have no other words!:)

  2. so i just joined blog lovin' & i'm tryin to get more readers for my blog - any advice?

    anyways, what have u been up to lately?

    i'm planning to be in nyc for the summer of 2010 - to intern/work, hopefully - know any good place to stay, visit, shop, eat, work, etc? please let me know. thanks! i hope you're doing well! xx.

  3. I love wavves! That dress is supremeee and i adore cut offs. x

  4. God that first look reminds me of Balenciaga Spring 08, which I LOVED!

  5. The shoes in the first photo are crazy cool.

    x x x

  6. I agree with everything in this post...especially your addition of a Wavves song. I love Wavves!!!