Dec 30, 2009

We want our things

Christmas went way too fast. But there was a small gift recently. I was sick, deathly sick with a case of the flu couple days after Christmas, and I went out walking in the city with of course my Christmas money. With just $30, I found my favorite piece of clothing this year: a faux mink coat, in a small thrift shop on a small street.
And what a Christmas miracle it was.

Tell me about your parties, gifts, or any other stories of this holiday season.


  1. ooh this looks amazing! i've been looking for a faux fur coat just like this one for ages; all i ever find are things far too miracles for me, pfft.

  2. This coat looks BOMB, bet it goes real well with your red lipstick!

  3. i made the experience that it's pretty hard to find a faux fur coat that fits well, but this one looks gorgeous!


  4. aww, i wanna see it on YOU!