Mar 3, 2014

It's been a while

For some reason after 2 years of leaving the fashion blogscene and currently staying low as a spectator, I felt a dire need to go back and read my old posts tonight, filled with youthful and hopeful ideas I had in my late teens. One post that definitely made me reminisce about those good old times was this one.

As an adult now going onto 24, I still have a bit of that youthful energy, but unfortunately most of it has been dampened by my scientific career. Although it has given me the opportunity and economic freedom to fulfill my style desires, I mostly feel empty and void of inspiration most of the time. It's terribly depressing, even now, to look back at what was my "baby", my place of expression, that holds so many memories, and see it become so desolate and unloved. I even enjoyed looking at my past writing style, and thanks to uni, it has changed so drastically.

Instead of taking the time to post a well thought-out post nowadays, I've opted to using my Tumblr for some quick satisfaction. Below is a snippet of the types of things I post there:

Overall, I wanted to take the time out there to talk to those who are young and enjoying their free time expressing their themselves on the Internet: Take advantage of this time in your life to spend hours on fashion blogs & TFS, digging through editorials and archives, losing sleep over finding a HQ version of a Vogue Paris editorial from 2001 (I've been there before!) for once you're thrown into the real world, it makes it much more difficult to find energy to do so.

Although they say that Geminis are youthful at heart, sometimes I feel like I lost the "baby" in me.

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